Bencho Ethiopia Tour is the premiere seasoned tour company based in Addis Adaba.  They are experienced professional with years of experience in eco-tourism founded on principles of knowledge.  Our tour guides each have over 10 years of experience in providing highly valuable and sought after safari experiences.

Bencho Ethiopia Tour utilizes the best equipment in the industry providing the most world class and closest experience as well as prides themselves on the safety of each one of our tours.

We provide the following tour options:

  • Upper and Lower Omo Valley
  • Denakil Depression
  • Afar
  • The Erta Ala Permanent Volcano Active Volcano Areas
  • Cultural and Historical Tours throughout numerous areas
  • Rift Valley Bird Watching

No matter which tour you decide to take, we will guarantee a phenomenal experience and provide the following:

3-5 Day Tours

  • Breakfast before tour launch
  • Catered Lunch at a spots of choice
  • Dinner at local traditional food spots
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Towels and habitable showering facilities
  • Hotels built into tour price
  • 1 Bencho Tour Ethipoia Shirt and Safari Hat
  • Unlimited bottles of water throughout tour

1/2 Day Tours

  • Catered Lunch at spot of choice
  • Unlimited bottles of water

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We do not accept reservations that are made with less than 2 weeks of notice.  Please be sure to plan your trip accordingly as our tours are typically booked at least 3 months in advance.

Some of the finer destination spots Bencho Tour Ethiopia has to offer are:

  1. Danakil Depression and Afar Triangle

The Danakil depression in the Afar triangle is an amazing tour into the history of mankind, (sometimes known as the cradle of mankind), not to mention the beautiful colorful pools.  The danakil depression is known as the cradle of mankind because it is reputed to have the lodes humankind fossil ever found on earth.

If you book this tour, come prepared for some of the hottest year-round weather on the earth.  The winter time average is 77F during the day and summer average temperature is 118F.  The rainfall is very slight as well, with on average 4-6 inches of rain per year.  The Awash river does flow through the depression in the winter time only and dries up in the summer.

Danakil Depression

The Danikil depression is an amazing tour and worth every penny.  Plan on packing very well for a fun filled 5 day adventure with Bencho Tours!

2. Omo Valley

If you are looking for ancient, traditional tribal life and African lifestyle at its best, than the Omo Valley Tour is for you.  The Omo Valley is situated in the Great Rift Valley in Africa.

Ethiopian Crocodile

It can be estimated that there are over 250,000 tribal people that live in the Omo Valley.  These lands are also home to amazing animals and wildlife such as Zebra, Lions, Gazelles, Hippopotamus, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Kudu, Giraffes and many more.  This is an amazing tour that allows thou to not only see the ancient traditional Ethiopian Tribesman but also the abundant wildlife, up close and personal, safely of course.

Ethiopian Tribesman

3. Highlands and Historic Route

The rugged highlands of Ethiopia boast one of the most ancient lands on earth. This tour will reveal some of the remaining structures and artifacts from the earliest traces of man.

Additionally, the word coffee can be traced to here in the southern Highlands of Ethiopia. This is where the Kingdom of Kaffa reigned over the land thousands of years ago. Coffee was grown here and exported to nearby lands of the Arabian Peninsula for sale and trade of goods.

Ethiopian Highlands

The above picture is an amazing picture looking west into the highlands.

Another traditional tribesman showing off his Lip Plate.  The larger the Lip Plate, the more wise the tribesman is thought to be.

Ethiopian Lip Plate Tribesman

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